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*clears throat* I am not proof by the fun little tablet drawings I've been posting. ^^;

(EDIT: I also remember how I don't like coming on DA because it's fudgin' slow... X( If you got this journal entry like 5 times in your notifications, I'm so sorry!)

So, I have a year left of college (THE LIGHT IS AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!!!!!) and this summer I have been working on a short film as an editor. It's been pretty fun and pretty exhausting at the same time. Lots of time on the computer and away from my family...I love what I'm doing, but I also love my family and feel bad when I don't hang out with them so much. But once I get editing, I get really into it and sometimes even forget that I need to stop and take a break to eat or even go to the bathroom... ^^;

Guess it's just one of those things I'm going to have to figure out how to balance... :shrug:

Anyways, found this cool questionnaire from :iconweasel-girl: and thought it'd be a fun reason to update my journal on here. :D


1) Who is your favourite Disney character?

 Tigger. Tigger has always been my favorite. After that, it's Stitch. :iconstitchplz:


2) What is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened? don't know...sometimes talking with uchihaguy can get pretty embarrassing...
(He was living in the country where my family is from and came back using some words/phrases that I was unfamiliar he says something and I just stand there like :icondragonidleplz: )


3) Will Smith or Tom Hanks?

Um...I guess Tom Hanks...I've seen more movies with him in it...but Will Smith is still good...


4) Beloved childhood toy?

When I was turning 7, I told my aunt that I wanted a Charmander. So that morning of my birthday, I woke up to this large Charmander plush. He kind of works as a pillow and he was a little smaller than I was. I took him ever where...and honestly, he is still in my room today. 15 years later. :) 


5) What is love?



Love is a many splendor thing! Love lifts us up where we belong! All you need is love!

...I've seem to run out of song references... ^^;


6) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Um...3 1/2? :iconbadpokerfaceplz:


7) Lightning McQueen or Dusty Crophopper?

Lightning McQueen all the way yo!


8) Ever been in a difficult situation where you’ve had to choose between two good friends?

 Kind of time, they were both lying to me (they were bad friends anyways) and the other time, the two friends talked it out and two seconds later they were totally fine. :XD:


9) What is your opinion on swimming?

I like it and don't like it at the same's too much of a pain to get ready for (getting chlorine out of curly hair, shaving, making sure you don't flash anyone, etc.) but it is fun to feel like a mermaid underwater...
Then again, you know that illogical fear of having a shark in the pool? I never got over that...Deep water freaks me out...even in a pool...


10) Ever had someone who has annoyed you SO much you wanted to scream? (YOU CAN’T SAY IT WAS ME!!!)

 Yep yep yep.


11) Favourite colour

RED!!! The color of angry men!!!


12) Dragons, unicorns or hippogriffs?

 Werewolves? No? Um...they're all kind of evil...but let's go with dragons because :iconmushuplz:





1) Coke or Pepsi?



2) Listen to this song:  What are your thoughts on it? Do you like it? Why?

 ...there is no link to a I'm adding my own!



3) Do you have a specific genre of music you listen to?

Rock and alternative rock mostly. It really depends on my mood too. I'm also am a fan of Disney music, show tunes, film soundtracks and some pop songs on the radio...some...


4) What fandom are you currently most devoted to?



5) Who is the most annoying person in your family?

 My chihuahua.


6) If you could go anywhere you wanted in the world, where would you go?

England/the UK, Germany, Liechtenstein, Spain...basically, Europe...I'd also like to go back to New York and Alaska...


7) ¿Puede hablar español?

Si! Desde que era chiquita! :D


8) What do you like to do in your spare time?

Draw mostly...browse tumblr/facebook/social media...sometimes write...or sleep. Sleeping is good. :aww:


9) I don't want to be creepy, but how old are you?


...I'm 22. ^^;


10) What is the best thing that you can remember happening to you?

Probably going on a tour of the Pixar animation studio with my family...that's a great memory. :)


11) What is the most embarrassing thing that you can remember happening to you?



12) At this moment, what do you feel like doing right now?

Sleeping...drawing...but I really should go and edit this short film... :|


13) What is the dumbest thing that you have ever done?

In 9th grade, I was playing truth or dare with a group of friends on the bus to a Drama tour. I was dared to stand up and declare my feelings of love to this one kid that I liked at the time. I did it...and kind of made a fool of myself and he got mad at me. (He turned out to be a douche bag anyways so I should have seen it coming :XD: )

Well, feel free to do this if you want. :dummy:


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The name is Zybynarx! I enjoy drawing and have been doing it since I was thirteen. I draw mostly fanart things, but sometimes I tend to draw a few of my OCs, who happen to just be friends as dogs.
I'm studying to become a film editor, so my major is Digital Media with a film emphases. I love anything Disney and I've done a bit of acting in the past. ;)


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